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Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Tirpaeck and I have been involved in the jewelry trade for over 30 years. I am trained as a geologist and a gemologist, and have attended Rhode Island School of Design (Metalsmithing) and the Gemological Institute of America (Diamonds, and Colored Stone certificates). I have been operating the Studio by the Sea in Tiverton Four Corners since 2009. I have lived (“by the sea!”) in Little Compton for over 40 years and am constantly inspired by the countryside and the surrounding sea.

With over three decades of experience in the jewelry trade I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and insight which is essential when dealing with precious jewelry. The skills I have mastered came through a process known to me as “experientia docet.” This is a Latin rooted phrase that translates into “skills acquired through experience.” At its core this defines why I eager to take on complicated and intricate work, as the time and effort that I devote to repairing or designing, or creating, becomes as precious as the piece itself. My hope is that each time you wear one of my creations you will also be rewarded with a sense of being part of this unique process.

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Whether you're looking for a custom creation, need expert repairs, or want to explore jewelry redesign options, I'm here to assist you. Reach out today to discuss your ideas and requirements. I look forward to bringing your vision to life.