A gold ring with blue stones on top of it.

Transforming and Reuse

“Treasure Trove?………….. Here’s the Key!”

Each of us has accumulated a variety of precious items that we collect in a drawer or desk at home. Your “Treasure Trove,” full of out-of-date jewelry, wedding bands from the past, broken chains, and more, all possess much value and may have the potential to be cut up into components and rearranged like a precious puzzle into an entirely new jewelry item. These “legacy pieces” are always an attractive and affordable way to leverage what you already own! Resurrect those older items and add value to what you already have!

Unlock the Treasure Chest…………. Behold! You have the key.

The Process

Visit me in my studio (or submit a remote form with photos) for a free assessment of your older, dormant jewelry items. I will identify which gemstones and diamonds are genuine and determine what type of metal they are. Sketches and renderings are drawn up on the spot. Ideas are exchanged, and what was once a dormant tangle of older jewelry is now on its way to being converted into a stunning new item of adornment that can now be worn and admired! Engage yourself in this sensible, exciting, and affordable design process. It is now time to move forward with a new design using what you may already have! Scrap gold credit often pays for many of these projects!

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A gold ring with a blue stone on it

Examples of Reuse & Transformation